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I am 74 years old young man/I had developed severe pain in my knees, stiffness in my joints and found very difficult to move around /walk. I even thought of knee replacement. I started feeling gloomy and lack of motivation in day to day life. At this point of time about 3 years back, with God’s grace, I got an opportunity to be in contact with Major PL Devand. We met after a gap of nearly 10 years.  Earlier we worked together on N.F. Railway.  Major Devand, counseled me about positive aspect of the life. He convinced me about very positive thoughts such as,” You are what you think.”  “Age is only a number; you are as old as you think.” By the virtue of my constant association with him, I became very positive towards life. He taught me very simple exercises with special attention to posture correction and improving mobility of joints.  I find his advice very simple and easy. He also advised, on diet and life style changes. Best part of his counsel was,” You can do it,” and I believed him.I started feeling and believing that, I was becoming healthy and younger. Slowly, my physical fitness improved, pain in knees and joints started disappearing. Now not only I can walk well, but also have started running. I feel energetic, healthy and young as was in my 40s-50s.I achieved all this so smoothly that I myself am surprised & amused.                       Real test of this amazing recovery was my 20 days Europe tour with my wife which I enjoyed most because of my overall fitness. For above achievements, I am heartily thankful to Major P L Devand. I recommend that others also benefit like me from his unassuming & simple counselling /advice.

God bless Major P L Devand and I wish him all the success in his mission, “Healthy family/Aging”

-GR Bagaria, Age 74 years, retired Chief Commercial Manager Western Railway, India.


"He strengthened my motivation to run my first half marathon and first class of NLP course. He  helped me to break the mental barriers with his ready to help attitude."
God bless you." 
- Hemant, Jaipur.

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