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8 Pillars of Optimal Health Revolution.

Optimal health revolution: is a process of changing the way you live, so that you can live longer and in better health-so you can live life filled with energy and vitality. 
The funda is: Health is an asset of the highest order and one has to invest in it /care for it as early in life as possible.  If not invest in it, may have to lead an unhealthy life, irrespective of the fact what unlimited wealth one has accumulated in the carrier/life.Fortunately to lead an optimal health now, first time in the history, unique support in the form of ‘best of nature best of science’ is available. In line with it ,“8 pillars of optimum health” stipulate by Duke Jonson MD of world famous ‘Nutrlite Health institutes’ USA is appended below:
8 Pillars of optimum health:Traditionally good health consists of 1.positive mental attitude, 2.regular exercise, 3.adequate rest and 4.nutritious food. However, in Optimal- health revolution, Dr Duke Johnson MD, of USA recommends 8 pillars of optimum health.They are described in brief as under;
1.Reduce risk for chronic disease; Risk factor is any life style or biological quality or characteristic that can increase your likely hood of developing a disease. For example smoking is a risk factor for lung cancer. The risk factor for heart disease, cancer, obesity, and diabetes are many and known to us. For example, you often hear that key to good health is diet and exercise. Diet and exercise are crucial but there are many more factors require addressing.
2.Exercise does not have to consume lot of time and money .There is substantial evidence that “exercise of daily living highly beneficial for “reducing risk of chronic diseases. Here are some of examples of the ‘exercise of daily living’

-Take stairs instead of escalator,

-Park on outer lot of the park and walk from there...

- Carry your luggage instead of using a trolley,

- Buy a walk behind lawn mover instead of riding one or any such thing   which gives you a chance to sweat,

 - If you take train or a bus to work, get off a few blocks away and walk,

- Take a walk or play out doors with your kids.


3. Good Macro Nutrition describes the nutrients that make up most of our nutritional intake by weight- carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Good nutrition consists of eating the right type and percentages of these nutrients.American Institute of Medicine recommends that the ranges of macro nutrients for adults should be: .45-65 % carbohydrates, 20-35% fats and 10 to 35% proteins .A balance diet should also include good daily source of fiber.Risk of pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables out weigh the benefit of organically grown foods? Answer to that is,” Keep eating your seven to nine servings (or more) of fruits and vegetables daily because their massive phytonutreint loads seems to be of greater benefit than the risk of the chemicals they may contain. Fruit and vegetables are themselves anti-inflammatory.
4. Good micro nutrition:If macro nutrients relates to bulk of your diet, micro nutrients comes in tiny but critical amounts in our foods.This not only includes vitamins and minerals but, also phytonutrients.Phytonutreint are active nutrients found in plants that are not defined as vitamins or minerals, for example, lycopene.As with vitamins and minerals, we can also get phytonutrients from food supplements, though it is best to get as many micro nutrients as possible from food; that is big part of the definition of healthy diet.There is vast body of research literature that clearly point out to the need for supplementation for virtually every one living in the developed /developing world.In short, yes, most of us need supplementation to win optimal health.A lot of doctors will tell you other wise. They are inadequately informed. 
5. Mind /spirit /positive attitude/personal faith:It is known for years that happy and hopeful people are generally healthier and longer lived than perennially depressed , angry, fearful and depressed.These phenomena are not miraculous. Recent scientifically research has finally been able to pin point physiological cause and effect.Depression triggers two hormonal pathways that worsen our overall health.There are 1200 studies that reveal that people with sound committed faith live longer and better. This may be related to two hormones path ways just discussed.It is fascinating area of research currently being persuaded at such institutions; Duke University, the national institute of health and Hayward medical school .There is now no doubt that our mental and spiritual health affects our physiological
6. Adequate rest: out of our eight pillars, this may need the most shoring up. People in modern civilization don’t get enough sleep .There are many biochemical reactions that occur during rest that are essential for both physical and mental health. For example hormone leptin and ghrelin are affected by the amount of sleep we get.Sleep deprivation is associated with decreased leptin level and elevated ghererin levels, both of which result in increased appetite.Little more sleep may result in little less compulsive eating.
8. Take good medical care of your body: I f you have not seen doctor for last twenty years, how can you know whether you are healthy? This is another example of people thinking, there are only a couple of risk factors that stand in the way of good/optimal health .In fact there are several risk factors for heart disease and cancer that can only be assessed by physicians through the use of blood test-not to mention the value of early detection of those diseases. As a team leader healthy for life program, the last thing I want to do is to replace your relationship with a well trained physician who values preventive medicine.I want to strengthen your relation ship with your doctor by helping you become a more resolute and informed participant in your own health care.And I want you have regular check ups
8.Healthy environment and good hygiene:Air pollution is associated with many upper respiratory diseases and cancers.It has even associated with an increased risk of heart disease.One solution to the problem could be go and stay in Antarctica.But this is not viable. So, idea is to think globally and act locally.If you can’t avoid air pollution in your residence or work place, you may want to consider good air treatment system for your home and you may lobby for one in your office.There have been many horror stories of contamination in water supplied that was discovered long after people had suffered significant exposure.Some most dramatic cases have occurred in china. China’ economy has boomed in last twenty years, and along with economic benefits have increased water and air pollution.Such incidents of water and air pollutionshave been reported in India and even in Jaipur.Though there are good source of municipal water, the only water I trust is water filtered at home. You need to be very careful of bottled water, because it may not be safer than your own tap water. There are some good bottle water companies but lot of this is just tap water. Another problem with bottled water is the plastic container it comes in.Unless you know that bottled water is filtered, save your money. Better buy your own purifier.The best ones are usually a little more expensive, or you should replace your filters more frequently.