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I wish to take you back, about few thousand years  in the history of evolution of  human  race/civilization ,when our ancestors used to live in jungles and ate what so ever, available there.  Their food was mainly plant based. Consisted of leaves, fruits, flowers, roots and stems of plants.All those foods were fresh and directly from plants. Their contemporary animals also had plant based food, consisted of grass, stems, barks etc. of plants. Their food also was predominantly plant based and fresh from plants or nature dried. Food what we or animals eat is to provide cellular nutrition to body. As of knowledge now ,Cellular nutrition consists of minerals (11), vitamins (13), and phytto factor plant compounds, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, fats and many more things predominantly plant based.

What we human eat , particularly in developed and developing countries, to day, is totally different than what we are designed to eat as described above. Perhaps we do not eat even a fraction of what we used to eat/should eat . 

Imagine daily activities of ours in those days. Whole day was full of hard labor. Collecting eatables from plants in jungles and Eating was perhaps our main occupation. Mechanization has facilitated our activities and now we do very little labor compared what we were required to do say 50 or 100 years back. We labor far less from our design.

Have a look at life style of animals of then and now. They eat most of food what they used to eat then and also do same labor except animal in human contact. The point to ponder is that, creator of both human and animal has designed both human and animals with certain life style. Human race has fast deviated from that design and facing serious life style diseases like  heart diseases, diabetes, cancer..etc.. we all know.The solution is to modify life style so that, we can live as per design and  enjoy optimal health- we can live longer and better health -so that , live life filled with energy and vitality . At www. Ask we promise to help you if you wish lead optimal health as per design. 

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