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Common myths about excercising


'I am too busy/tired to cook at home.'

Comment: We teach our clients to cook meals by the '10-minute rule' - meals that only take 10 minutes from start to finish. There isn't a takeaway you can order out in that time and it is seldom possible to get your restaurant meal to the table in half an hour, let alone 10 minutes! 
'Why should I worry, as we are living longer now than ever before?'

Comment: Yes, we are living longer now, but not necessarily healthier, and the outlook isn't so good for the coming generations saddled with our legacy of out-of-control heart disease, cancer, diabetes and obesity. Turning back your age clock is about being in a state of total quality well-being, physically and psychologically, and not having every body function propped up by medication.
'I just don't have the time to exercise or eat properly.'
Do you always somehow make time for things like picking up children from school, paying the bills or going out to dinner? As the saying goes, 'If you don't make time for health now, you will surely have to make time for illness later.' Don't look at time spent on your body as a chore, or a negative investment. Consider exercise as a daily 'hygiene routine'. You need to do it every day giving it equal importance to eating, washing your hair or taking a shower.
'I am an emotional and a comfort eater.'
Comment: 'Comfort foods' are designed to keep you wanting more. They taste and smell wonderful, but they come without any of the nutrition your metabolism needs. When you eat, chemicals are stimulated to produce enzymes to break food down for the repair and maintenance of your body and brain. If these expected nutrients don't arrive, you quickly feel emotionally and physically empty again, but the calories have already been tucked away in the fat cells and the cycle starts over. Willpower is not the issue - it is being knowledgeable and prepared. 
'I find exercise boring.'

Comment: Life is full of boring things, such as cleaning your teeth, taking the train to work, driving the kids to school. What makes boring things worthwhile are the results you get at the end. The trick is to find ways to 

make the necessary boring things a little more interesting. Thomas Jefferson said: 'Nothing can stop the mar) with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.' 
'I am this weight because of my genes.'

Comment: Genes only play a tiny part in your weight. Our gene pool has changed only a minuscule amount in the last 10,000 years. The truth is that you choose how fat or fit your own body becomes, because it is completely and totally made up of what you eat and how you exercise. 
'I do aerobics and run - isn't that enough?'

Comment: Aerobic exercise is great for cardiovascular fitness, but it won't make you strong or improve your metabolic rate. We have seen many marathon runners with trim legs, but flabby, underdeveloped upper body and arms. 

'Lifting weights will make me look muscle-bound.' Comment: All our celebrity clients train with weights to keep their great shape. Their muscle increases by about 20 per cent - enough to make an enormous difference in their metabolism and shape, but they become many sizes smaller, not larger! What they lose is all the extra fat padding that had been destroying their self-confidence and body image. The quality of a person's physique and health is in direct proportion to their commitment to exercise and nutrition. 
'I'm tired and lethargic
-I just don't have the energy.' Comment: Poor energy levels can simply be a symptom of being overweight, having vitamin and mineral deficiencies and being unfit. Following the healthy-eating plan and exercise program laid out in this book will dramatically increase your levels of performance and energy.