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Healthy weight loss strategy:

1. Decide that you want to loose weight and target weight loss.

  2. Check medical history of insulin resistance, thyroid and myoflamgia etc take health risk assessment test at

3. Checking if your weight is safe; BMI, WHR, % body fat and B cor

4. Mechanics of weight gain; your Basal metabolic rate

5. Strategy of  weight loss;  controlled calorie intake and moderate  exercise plan

6.Calorie chart for  Indian foods

7.  Faster weight loss program: Meal replacement strategy

Calculating basal metabolic rate 

Multiply your weight in pounds by   11 for woman and 11 for man or your weight in kilograms by 22 for women and 24.4 for man.

Multiply this figure by

Sedentary 1.25

Light active 1.5

Moderately active—1.65

Highly active—2

Athletes - 2 .65

This will give you calories needed by your body to maintain  and remain healthy.that is the basal metabolic rate

Reduce 500 to 1000 calories from this figure will help you to shed 1 pound to 2 pounds per week.

Managing weight only by reducing calories is not a good idea. So spend 40 t0 60% calories by exercising and remaining 60 to 40% by dieting will help you to make body strong and your metabolic rate will also go up and weight reduction will be a byproduct.Type your paragraph here.