Designing your personal fitness program: ( Design recommended by Nutrilite Health Institute)

Imagine!If you were granted one wish relating to your personal health and wellness. What would you wish for? A lower cholesterol level? Lower body fat percentage? Enhanced physical endurance and strength? More energy and vitality? If your wish were granted, how would your life be different? 

As a part of our 'healthy family mission', we want to help you reach your personal fitness dreams! 
To some"fitness" means being trim or muscular, to others it means being able to be free from disease, to others it's having enough energy to enjoy life. A physically fit individual has the ability to not only prevent disease but also experience greater degrees of health and wellness. The first step in developing an active lifestyle is to set your destination of fitness. What long-term results do you want to experience in your physical health and wellness? Do you want to decrease body fat? Increase energy?

To help you design your specific TEAM ;NUTRILITE PROGRAM, let's take a look at the Various levels of involvement: 

The diagram below illustrates the various levels of  the  team nutrilite program.

TEAM NUTRILITE PROGRAM. It is important to understand that each level builds upon the other. You can find a level of physical fitness that is specifically related to your fitness needs, interest,and capacities. 

TEAM NUTRILITE,levels: 1 Cardiovascular Exercise 
Movements such as walking, jogging, swimming or cycling performed for twenty to sixty minutes a minimum of 3 days per week is the recommended amount of activity to attain TEAM NUTRILITE LEVEL 1 status. This level will also assist you in significantly improving cardiovascular endurance, reducing body fat, increasing energy, as well as reducing risk of heart disease and associated risk factors. 

TEAM NUTRILITE,Level:2 Cardiovascular Exercise and Stretching
To attain TEAM NUTRILITE LEVEL 2 status participants are required to perform 4 days per week of cardiovascular exercise as well as stretching muscles in the upper and lower body. Regular stretching improves body posture, reduces the risk of injury as well as stress. 
TEAM NUTRILITE Level :3;  Cardiovascular exercise, stretching and Resistance Training 

TEAM NUTRILITE LEVEL 3 provides a comprehensive fitness plan recommending 4-6 days per week of cardiovascular exercise and stretching along with movements such as push-ups; sit-ups or weight training performed a minimum of 2-3 days per week. Resistance training has been proven to improve: Muscular strength, coordination, muscle tone, increase metabolism and create stronger healthier bones. 

To help YOU design a strong and successful TEAM NUTRILITE PROGRAM, take a moment to answer the following questions: 
1. The best time for me to be physically active is: 
 A. Morning, B.After noon C.Mid-day,   D. Evening 
2. Relating to my schedule, I can devote daily: 
A) 5-10 minutes per day                 B) 10-20 minutes per day 

C) 20-30 minutes per day               D) 30 or more minutes per day 
3. The maximum days I can devote to physical activity and exercise is: 
A)1-2 days per week                       B) 3 days per week 
C) 4 or more days per week 
4. Referring to my personal goals and interests, I prefer: 
A) Level 1: Mini Moves: 3 days per week of cardiovascular exercise 
B) Level 2: Medium Moves: 4 days per week of cardiovascular exercise and Stretching 
C) Level 3: Major Moves: 4-6 days per week of cardiovascular exercise and stretching as well as 2-3 days of resistance training 
5. Confidence Rating: 
How confident are you in your ability to achieve your Team Nutrilite goals over 12 weeks?  (Please circle the confidence level that relates you.

I 0 I 10 I    20  I   30  I   40   I   50   I   60   I   70   I   80    I  90  I  100 I

No confidence           Some confidence                    High confidence

Commonly asked question : "What is the best exercise to help me lose weight or get in shape?"

Reply is always the same: "The one that you will do!" Choosing an activity and a LEVEL that you enjoy , allows you the opportunity too not only benefit your body and your health but also provides your mind with a much needed mental break! 
Over the following months we will discuss in detail each of the TEAM TRILITE LEVELS as well as share with you 
tips and strategies to best help you reach your desired dreams. We are looking forward to sharing with you all next month. Remember to make time to move your body this week! Continue to focus on your fitness and health by nurturing your body, your mind and your soul. 

To your health! Major P L Devand

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