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Maj. P.L.Devand is a septuagenarian with a difference. At 74, he is a marathon runner and has run a majority of marathons organized in India. He also has achieved specialization in Nutritional, Wellness and Preventive Medicine and has an active association with the world's leading authorities in this field. Maj. Prabhu Lal Devand is a certified team leader healthy for life program from Dr. Ray D Strand medical doctor and leading nutritional expert from the USA.  " The Right Living " program is an amalgamation concept followed for over two decades and now this wealth of information is available to you too. 

          No challenge is big when you practice the " The Right Living". He took up marathon running at an age of 70 without previous athletic experience and has run 6 full and numerous half marathons, including the prestigious Brooklyn Marathon. We either live our lives the way we feel or the way we are told it should be lived. He lives by the former. A large number of myths are so deeply embedded in the information that floats all around us, and from outside they look like gospel truth. Major Devand bursts these myths and shows you the power of "The Right Living".

Now you can have direct access to Maj. P.L.Devand via an email or phone consult by becoming a member of his website We believe in personalized care based on your health concerns.